I'm Meredith Sadler, a Toronto-based designer. I believe strongly in the communicative and rhetorical power of images, and am deeply committed to working with clients to develop and produce the right graphics for their projects. Problem solving (both visual and conceptual) is among my favourite aspects of the design process.

Whether to discuss a project I can help you with, request a portfolio sample, or simply say hello, I would love to hear from you!

Email: contact@meredithsadler.com


The Main Gig

I work as a graphic communications designer at the Toronto office of Lord Cultural Resouces. There, I work closely with a team of specialized consultants and their clients on a variety of projects in the global cultural sector, such as strategic plans, facilities strategies, and exhibition design. Design of reports, presentations, publication materials and marketing collateral is my primary role; however, I am excited to also be learning the ropes of large-scale exhibition design for museums.

Read more about the company's projects here.


The Freelance Projects

I work freelance for clients in both the non-profit and commercial sectors on projects such as publication design, branding, and packaging design.


I worked with Toronto's Centre for Effective Practice on their first ever "Yearbook". This annual report's goals were to compile a multitude of information about the Centre's important healthcare initiatives and tools, visualize lots of data, and approach it in a fun, visually pleasing manner which avoided the stuffiness of typical annual reports.


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