Poster: Community Fridges TO

Community Fridges TO is a mutual aid project that provides 24/7 access to food, helping to aid community members who are facing food insecurity. Outdoor fridges and pantries are dotted throughout the city, hosted and stocked by volunteers. 

This poster was designed to publicize the launch of their website as well as provide “low tech” info about the nearest fridge location. If there’s a fridge near you that you’d like to get the word out about, the poster is also available as a print-it-yourself download on their website.

(Psst — CFTO can always use more volunteers, resources, and donations! It takes a lot of people with different skillsets to make it work: folks with access to surplus grocery/pantry items and donations, local reps who can keep the fridge sites clean, community members holding food drives ... as for me, I’m on transport. Check out their website! )
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