Forest County Potawatomi Museum

Design Concept & Graphic Layouts / Artwork (In-house with WeatherstonBruer Associates)

The Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Center and Museum is located in Crandon, Wisconsin. It functions as a cultural touchstone for the community and the public, with many activities and resources to help pass culture, history, and traditions of the band to the next generations.

The Museum area is a 2,700 sq. foot gallery, which was renovated, redesigned, and updated in a major design-build project led by Bluewater Studio

As the project graphic designer I worked alongside the design team as the Museum space was restructured and reimagined with the Community. I created a style guide, graphic concepts, and graphic layouts for the museum space, which included many bilingual layouts (Potawatomi and English), interactives, and large-scale murals.

Installation is in progress (delayed by COVID) and the Museum is scheduled to open later in 2022 (more photos coming!).
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