UMMNH Microbiology Gallery

Graphic layouts & Exhibit Design Detail
(In-house with Lord Cultural Resources & WeatherstonBruer Associates)

When the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor moved into a new building, a microbiology themed space called “Under the Microscope” was one of the new galleries to be designed. This ~2000 sq. ft. permanent gallery space explains all things small – atoms, cells, embryos, bacteria – bringing the concepts to life in an ambitious physical design featuring a walk-in cell, angled mirrored walls, interactives, and more.

The graphic design needed to be developed in tandem with the detail design, communicating educational interpretive content in a way that both complimented the physical design and maintained consistency with established graphic standards used across the entire Museum. Some 3D design work also became part of my scope due to the complex interaction between content and physical design.

Photos: WeatherstonBruer Associates
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